About Salmon Fishing with the Sports Den

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What is the summer weather like? 
Our typical days begin with morning temperatures from the low 40's. Expected day time highs are in the low 70's, with rain or clouds possible anytime.

How much daylight do we have in the summer?
You’ll enjoy the great Alaskan summer. From mid-May through August we have approximately 19 hours of sunlight every day. The sun rises around 3:30 am and sets around 11:00 p.m.

What clothes should I bring? 
Dress is very casual, after all this is Alaska. We recommend dressing in layers. Bring bluejeans, sweaters, windbreakers, hats, and good rain gear.

Are there a lot of bugs? 
Surprisingly you won’t experience the famous bird size mosquitoes on Alaska’s rivers or during our ocean adventures. During visits into remote areas you may encounter mosquitoes.

How much are Alaskan fishing licenses? 
The Sports Den can take care of all your licensing needs. License fees for non-residents are; 1 day - $20, 3 day - $35, 7 day - $55, 14 day -$80.

To fish for King Salmon a stamp is required: 1 day - $10, 3 day - $20, 7 day - $30, 14 day -$50.

On fishing charters, what gear/tackle is provided? 
Sports Den guides provide all boats, rods, reels, baits, and other tackle. Working with major sporting goods manufacturers, Sports Den guides use fishing tackle that has been carefully designed and selected over the years for strength, sensitivity, and effectiveness. 

Can I use my own tackle? 
Yes, but keep in mind that fishing for world record Kenai King salmon, or "Barn Door" halibut requires robust, and sometimes specialized fishing tackle. It's important that fishing tackle is adequate to meet the unique demands of fishing in Alaska. For more details go to Fishing with the Sports Den.

How big are the boats? 
The Sports Den uses specialized comfortable 20 ft Kenai River boats. Sports Den Halibut boats range from 20 ft to 55 ft some with enclosed cabins.

How many people in the boats?
Typically when fishing on the Kenai River the boats carry 4 people. Some river boats have the ability to carry 5. Our Halibut charters typically carry between 4 and 18 fishermen.

How long are the trips?
Our 1/2 day charters are approximately 5 to 5 ½ hours, typically beginning around 5:30 a.m. and again at noon. Our full day charters last approximately 10 hours beginning at 5:30 a.m..

Are there bathrooms on the boats?
Our Halibut charter boats have complete facilities for your comfort. The Sports Den Kenai river boats do not, but facilities are available along the entire river.

What kind of fish will we catch? 
King salmon/Red salmon May to July, Silver/Pink -August to September, Rainbow Trout, Arctic Char, and Grayling - May to September. Check out our Fishing calendar for more information.

How big are the fish? 
Alaska’s fish are renowned for their size and fighting abilities. Kenai King salmon can run between 25 and 90 pounds. Red salmon average 4 to 8 pounds. Alaska’s acrobats, the Silver salmon ranging between 6 to 20 pounds. Halibut can range up to 300 pounds. When you take a Sports Den charter, the boat, fishing tackle, and fishing technique are all customized to ensure that you are properly trained, instructed, and equipped to fight and land the fish of your dreams. 

How do I get my fish home?
The Sports Den staff can help arrange fish processing with some of the best processors in the Kenai area. You can transport your catch via UPS  or as checked luggage in freezer box or ice chest.

How much does it cost to fillet, vacuum seal a box of fish?
Expect to spend approximately $1.50 per finished pound of fish fillets. Airline approved waxed boxes are an additional $10-$25 depending upon size.

Can I Catch & Release fish?
If our guide determines that a fish is injured, we discourage Catch and Release. Otherwise, the Sports Den respects Catch and Release practices to conserve Alaska’s natural sport fishing resources, especially with some native species. 

Are there places to buy groceries, etc.?
The Kenai/Soldotna area is a thriving destination resort with a 24 hour Safeway and numerous restaurants.

Can I go in the boat if I don't fish?
Yes, based on space availability at $75 per person